Sexual Health

Information will be added here on how to have a healthy sexual lifestyle as a transgender person. You should have information regarding STI, HIV, AIDS, Pregnancy, vaginal dryness, safe sex for gay, straight, bisexual and pansexual trans men.

These are some of the symptoms some trans men have reported to us. This could be caused by atrophy as well as other things and why it is important to see your doctor if you are having any of these pains.

– Pain during/after orgasm
– Excessive bleeding
– Thick colored discharge
– Pain during vaginal intercourse
– Intense pain in abdominal/stomach area
-Vaginal Dryness
-Vaginal Burning
-Vaginal Discharge
-Burning with urination
-Urgency with urination
-More urinary tract infections
-Urinary incontinence
-Light bleeding after intercourse
-Discomfort with intercourse
-Decreased vaginal lubrication during sexual activity
-Shortening and tightening of the vaginal canal

Links below to important Vaginal Health resources.

TransHealth Philly Workshop (1)
Transgender Pelvic Floor Therapy


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